Help Pages - Areas Covered

Given the wide range of restrictions covered by the Traffic Orders they have been summarised into the categories below.


Controlled Parking (General)
General common parking
No Waiting At Any Time
No Waiting
Limited Waiting
Residents' Parking
Pay and Display
Other Controlled Parking
Controlled Parking (Special)
Specialist parking places
Disabled Parking
Public Service Vehicle
Vet's Vehicles Only
Ambulance Vehicles Only
Coaches Only
Bus Stop/Bus Bay
Community Buses Only
Taxi's Only
Motorcycles Only
Doctor's Vehicles Only
Fire Service Vehicles Only
Police Vehicles Only
Clearways Clearway
Box Junction
Bus Lane
Cycle Lane
Loading and Unloading
No Loading/Unloading
Loading Bay/Area
Traffic Movement
No Entry
No Left/Right Turn
No U Turns
Compulsory Left/Right Turn
Ahead Only
No Turning
Left or Right Turn Only
Prescribed Route
One Way
Vehicle Prohibitions Prohibition of All Vehicles
Prohibition of Motor Vehicles
Prohibition of Motor Cycles
Prohibition of Cycling
Prohibition of Goods Vehicles
Prohibition of Coaches
Height, Length, Width
and Weight Restrictions
Weight Restriction
Width Restriction
Height Restriction
Length Restriction
Speed Restrictions 20mph Speed Limit
30mph Speed Limit
40mph Speed Limit
50mph Speed Limit
Other Permit Scheme (for Highway Works)