Application for Minor Re-Organisation Grant Form Application for Minor Re-Organisation Grant Form

Please Note: The Minor Re-Organisation Grant is not currently being offered and this form has been suspended.

Only on-line applications using the approved form will be accepted. Submissions will be collated and taken to the next planned FIPS meeting for decision.

Applications need to be made once a formal decision has been made to move to “hard federation” and needs to be accompanied by a copy of the minutes of the governing bodies meetings that approved the move agreeing to a federation.

Where grants are awarded, the federation/reorganisation can apply up to £5,000 per school and will not be allocated retrospectively. Additionally, if for example a federation were to expand and another school were to join the federation but the federation was to undertake a rebrand/re-organisation, a total of up to £10,000 can be applied for (£5,000 for the new school joining the federation and a further £5,000 for the existing schools within the federation).

The funding is intended to cover extraordinary costs incurred with the move towards federation or other small reorganisation, such as leadership and governor time, consultation costs, and logo changes. This funding does not apply for academy conversion or for those schools acquiring trust status.

The funding is not intended to cover staff training and other “business as usual” costs that each school could be reasonably expected to meet.

If approved, funding will only be released after the formal consultation stage.